Educate, Advocate & Inform Using Textile Technology


Hello, I am Glenn Russell a student teacher and advocate of Home Economics.  A qualified chef who has many years of industry experience.  My philosophy towards education is that of self-awareness, empathy, and character.   By developing a path of self-assessment, self-regulation, and self-reflection.  Developing creativity through play and imagination and by opening oneself to empathy and compassion.  Being an educator is about building trust, emotional safety, and a culture of collaboration.  Opening to, and learning from, other cultures and modeling and following ethical teaching practices.  Being a lifelong learner…

I hope to be a passionate educator who fosters inclusivity that is focused on improving student outcomes for all students, with a strong dedication to lifelong learning.  I am committed to developing a curriculum that students are excited to engage with.  Furthermore, I will strive to develop productive partnerships with students and colleagues.   Continue reading “Educate, Advocate & Inform Using Textile Technology”