Hello, I am Glenn Russell a student teacher and advocate of Home Economics.  A father of two and a qualified chef who has many years of industry experience.  I am a passionate educator who fosters inclusivity that is focused on improving student outcomes for all students, with a strong dedication to lifelong learning.  I am committed to developing a curriculum that students are excited to engage with.  Furthermore, I strive to develop productive partnerships with students and colleagues.

I encourage the development of internationalism and the concept of world citizenship – subscribing to the concepts of Ubuntu – you are, therefore, I am – a concept of all in it together, working together in partnership and Kaizen – continuous improvement – develop and encourage in students and my own professional practice.

I believe that as educators we have the responsibility to engage students, encourage the development of creativity and innovation whilst creating a supportive classroom environment.  Additionally, as teachers we maybe the only positive structure in some students lives.