Classroom Environments


My textiles classroom will be an environment which stimulates learning, provokes intrigue, creativity, and development within students.  This will be achieved through colours such as green and yellows to stimulate creativity.  The walls of my classroom will be a place for students to showcase their work and ideas.   With the use of different mediums, I will hope to provoke and stimulate students curiosity through  touch and smell.  Encouraging them to engage in the subject matter.  Students will be encouraged to let their ideas evolve by displaying them on a board in the classroom.


Colour Psychology

psyc-of-colour“When it comes to colour in the learning environment, function trumps aesthetics. Colour trend & other such frivolities have no power here. The science of colour psychology is the reason to pick a blue over a red, or an orange over a purple. The well executed colour palette can enhance the absorption of information & facilitate the thinking process”.

When dealing with colour in any environment we are always creating an atmosphere.  With colour variety is important as is the amount of variety.  Too little can set up patterns of boredom. Too much can strain the mind with overstimulation. Even within the classroom itself, variety in colour has proven to support the learning process and reduce eyestrain and fatigue.


Below is a quick introduction into the idea/concept of a “makerspace”.